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The Portal users may get information on travels, get familiarized with the travel products represented by third part suppliers (hereinafter “the supplier”) and make an appropriate booking or conclude any other deals with the travel operators; the Portal may also be used for any other purpose. The terms "we," "us," "our," "ours," and http://etel.travel/ refer to Artina LP (Reg No SL31544, Suite 1, 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JE, Scotland, UK) as the case may be, who provide an access to this Portal from time to time. The term "you" refers to a user, who is accessing the site and/or creating a reservation with or without the assistance of our Customer Support Team. You may use the services of the Portal represented by the supplier if you accept the present Terms and conditions, (hereinafter "the Agreement"). We act as a Supplier’s sales agent of each supplier represented on the portal according to appropriate agreement between us and the supplier. Every time, when you, in any manner, use or access the Portal, you thereby accept the conditions of the Agreement. Please carefully read the conditions of the Agreement. We reserve our right to endorse and amend the Agreement at our own discretion, without prior notification, or edit it in any other manner. Your further use of the Portal will testify to your acceptance of the endorsed, amended, or edited version of the Agreement.

The present Agreement determines the main terms and conditions between you and us when you register on the Portal, opens an Account and uses other services provided by the supplier. Conditions of separate services provided by us are set under agreements, and rules (hereinafter “the Supplements”) which are an integral part of the present Agreement, and such conditions apply to you after you learn them and start using respective services. Besides the present Agreement, relationships between us and you related to provision the supplier services are regulated by legal acts, Supplements to the Agreement concluded with you and principles of prudence and justice applied to you.
Supplements to the Agreement are agreements, under which you agree on usage of respective services specified in the Supplements. Conditions set in the Supplements are special provisions which have primacy over other provisions of the Agreement. When you start using services which you have not been using before, respective additional Supplements to the Agreement shall apply. If for the provision of newly selected services additional confirmation of your identity and/or provision of additional documents is required, the services shall be provided only after you performs the actions specified by us.

You, who wants to start using represented on the Portal services provided by the supplier has to register on the Portal. We have the right to refuse to register the new user without indicating the reasons. However, we assure that the refusal to register will always be based on significant reasons which we do not have or do not have the right to reveal.
During registration on the Portal, an Account is created for you. The Account is personal and only its owner, i.e. you, have the right to use it (log in).
You can have one Account only.
The Agreement comes into force when you register on the Portal, learn terms of the present Agreement and expresses your consent to comply with them electronically. The Agreement is valid for unlimited time.
Your registration on the Portal is your confirmation that you agree with the terms of the Agreement and undertake to observe them. You, when registering on the Portal, confirm that you are 18 (eighteen) years old or above.
Registration of the Account implies the further acquisition of one of the services’ package:
«PLATINUM» gives you an access on the Portal for 5 (five) years. Package price is EUR 499
«GOLD» gives you an access on the Portal for 3 (three) years. Package price is EUR 359
«STANDART» gives you an access on the Portal for 1 (one) year. Package price is EUR 179
«BASIC» gives you an access on the Portal for 1 (one) year. Package price is EUR 99
All service’s packages are our services and supported by us.
Detailed description about services, included in packages is given in sequence on the front page of the Portal
The purchase of a package of our services you can pay using a credit card.
Upon the expiration of the purchased package you may pay for one of the packages again within the next 10 days. Otherwise, access to the Portal for the Account will be blocked.

Being a user of the Portal, you accept the following conditions of use thereof—namely:
- you are at least 18 years of age;
- you exercise all civil rights and are fully capable;
- you will use the Portal in accordance with the Agreement conditions;
- you will use the Portal with the purpose of making of official reservation for your own self or for a third party, on behalf of whom you are entitled to act;
- you will familiarize the third party with the rules and conditions of reservation, which you made on his/her behalf, including all prescriptions and limitations;
- all information, which you enter in the Portal, is full, precise, and accurate;
- air passengers are fully responsible for the presence and validity of their documents and visas, which are required for the crossing of transit and destination country borders;
- you are aware that any fraud (or fraud attempt) involving a credit card is subject to litigation under the effective laws;
- you are aware that fraud (or fraud attempt) during purchase of ticket, hotels and other services on the Portal may cause problems with visa issuance, direct reservation, etc.
We also reserve the right to deny access to our Portal or any of our services, which we offer, at our own discretion.
The Portal content and information, as well as the infrastructure, which is used for the provision of such content and information, belong to us or our the suppliers. You undertake not to alter, copy, distribute, publish, license, generate secondary product, send, sell or resell all data, software, products, and services, which you got on, or by means of, this Portal.
Besides, you undertake not to:
- create any speculative, fake, or fraudulent reservations on the basis of demand;
- use the content or information from the Portal without our written consent, or monitor or copy them with the Webcrawler, search engines, or other automatized system or manual processes for any purposes;
- break or violate limits of any HTTP headers, which block the Webcrawler, or commit any fraudulent acts with regard to other means, which are used to prevent or limit access to the Portal;
- perform any acts, which, in our view, will overload our system or cause such overload; make any "frames," "server mirroring" or, in any other manner, use a part of this Portal on any other site without our prior written consent.

During reservation or purchase of travel products and services, by your choice, additional conditions and regulations apply. You accept the purchase conditions established for you by the supplier, with which you collaborate; to that effect, such conditions include timely payment of funds, and you accept the fare, products, or service conditions and disclaimers of the operators. You agree that the supplier, which offer certain services and/or actions, may demand that you sign a waiver before the use of services and/or activities on offer. You are aware that any violation of the supplier’s conditions and limitations may result in cancellation of your booking, travel product and service access denial, withholding of your booking deposit, and/or we may charge a damage, which we suffered because of such violation, to your account.

The Portal shall be able to offer accommodation services, transfers, excursions, tickets, car rental and other destination services (the “Travel Services”) represented by the supplier or suppliers through the Portal, subject to established contract conditions and the general conditions stated on the Portal and according to prices and cancellation conditions displayed when making each reservation, depending on prevailing conditions, availability and other factors.
In case of cancellation or modification of the reservation, you may have to pay penalty or cancellation fee that in certain cases may be provided in the reservation offer. Besides, at certain reservation offers properly indicated, the cancellation or modification of the reservation is not possible.

At the process of a confirmed reservation, the hotel (end supplier) reserves the right to inform about a book-out situation (e.g. overbooking, maintenance, natural disaster). In such a case the hotel (end supplier) is obliged to offer accommodation in an alternative hotel of similar/higher category. The Portal support, provides all the support and assistance for the best possible solution, however cannot be held responsible for the book-out situation, can’t held response for any user’s damages and loss in connected with book-out situation or with respect to other costs concerning you, in connection with it.
Fair/Exhibition and Special Events’ prices may be higher than the rack rates. They are also higher, for the same periods, if offered rooms derived from commitments. All rates are net per room per night.
During Fairs/Exhibitions and Special Events a minimum stay is required where you will be advised accordingly upon request. All rates include VAT. All prices for European hotels are quoted on BB basis, unless otherwise specified. All rest hotel prices are quoted on RR basis, unless otherwise specified.
Rates are valid for F.I.T. business only and up to 9 pax per hotel and similar dates. Hotel has the right to cancel bookings made for more than 9 pax from the same user and similar dates or to modify rates and booking conditions. For groups of over 10 passengers, competitive prices could be offered upon request.
All prices are subject to changes without previous notice. Confirmed prices are guaranteed until the option date.
Cancellation deadline is indicated next to each hotel price (“D/L”, in working days before client’s arrival, until 12:00 hours London time), unless otherwise specified on our booking confirmation. You may decide on which price and based on which cancellation terms he intends to make the reservation. In case you are not completely sure whether the reservation may actually be used, he should choose the refundable hotel reservation. London time is GMT.
In case of early check out or Non-Show, the total cost of the nights /services booked will be invoiced, unless the Hotelier / Supplier has accepted and signed differently. Refunds are ONLY possible upon presentation of this Hoteliers / Suppliers confirmation.
The possibility of ticket return or exchange thereof for another flight or date is established in the corresponding fare provisions and limitations. Such fare provisions are presented for familiarization before ticket purchase or reservation. Please note that in the event of ticket exchange or return, the agent, too, have the right to levy a EUR 50 fee for document issuance beside airline charges. In the event of involuntary ticket refund, the document issuance fee is not provided. Should the involuntary ticket refund not be caused by the airline (e.g., flight cancellation, changes in flight routes, etc.) but by your personal circumstances, you will need to prove the justifiable reason (medical note of passenger or family relation, who needs constant care). Airline decides whether or not a fee shall be levied if the involuntary exchange/return of ticket is not caused by the airline company. Such fee on the part of the airline may constitute 20%–70% of ticket price, and it depends exclusively on the ticket's fare. Besides, a ticket refund fee is provided. In the event of low fares—namely, concessionary or reduced fares—the ticket price may not be reimbursed altogether. The ticket price may be refunded to your credit card within 30 days after flight departure, which is indicated in the ticket. The intermediary service fee which is charged during purchase is non-refundable. Please note that certain airline companies do not provide the possibility of ticket refund in their terms of service at all. On the Portal, there is a possibility to buy or book a ticket 3 hours before departure. You agree that the Portal, in case of flight delay or cancellation, has the right to save and process personal information of user for the submission of complaints to the carrier, as well as contact user through contact details, which Is entered during reservation, for the consideration of possibility of filing a claim to the carrier and reimbursement of damages.
You take all steps of reservation (entering of distance and date, selection of flight, providing of passenger and customer information, selection of payment method, etc.) by yourself. You are liable for the accuracy of booking details. The data, which you enter, is automatically saved in the booking system, carrier's database, as well as on the Portal, for reservation. Information, software, products and services of the Portal may contain certain inaccuracies and errors, for example, price errors. The Portal does not guarantee the accuracy and is not liable for errors and other mistakes in relation to products, hotel services, and flights which are included in description and data on the Portal (e.g., prices, photographs, hotel service reviews, general product specification, etc.). Greater part of such information is provided by the supplier. Besides, we reserve the right to correct any errors in prices on the Portal and/or alleged reservation errors, which are caused by incorrect prices. Suppliers are independent contractors and are not fiduciaries or employees of the Company. The Portal does not accept any liability for the acts, mistakes, faults, offers, warranties, violations, or neglect of all such operators or various bodily injuries, death, property damage, or any other damage or losses caused by actions mentioned hereinbefore. Certain airports apply additional airport charge settled solely in cash. That is why, it is not included in the price of flight ticket. The Portal is not liable and will not reimburse expenses in the event of missed flight, cancellation, rebooking, strike, force-majeure, or any other occurrences which are beyond control thereof and is not liable for unforeseen expenses, negligence, missed flight, route changes, or acts of government or competent governmental bodies. Under no circumstances we are liable for any direct or indirect, penalty, inadvertent, substantial or other consequences of damage caused either by your access to the Portal, view or use thereof, or delay and impossibility of access, view, or use of the Portal (e.g., your evaluation of opinions expressed on the Portal; any malware, data, programs, interlinked pages, products and services of the Portal; or those, which appeared as a result of access to, view or use of the Portal). Besides, we are not liable for damage relating to neglect, Agreement conditions, full liability or other circumstances, as well as when the Portal or corresponding operators thereof were warned about the possibility of damage.
We do not offer any legal services and does not act on behalf of air passengers and other parties in relations to the carrier. Air passenger takes liability for outdated claims or neglect of the established procedures him/herself.
The Portal may contain hyperlinks to other websites, which are not under our control. Such hyperlinks are only used for the purpose of your familiarization. We are not in charge of those websites and are not liable for the content thereof, personal information protection, and other actions. In addition, you are liable for all actions needed to make sure that each link, which you click on, or software, which you download from the Portal, is free from viruses, bugs, etc. The fact that we place hyperlinks does not imply that we, in any way, support the content of such websites and suppliers.
When purchasing the products and services on the Portal you may pay by bank card or credit card.
The purchase price of accommodation services, transfers, excursions, tickets, car rental and other destination services (the “Travel Services”) through the Portal are fair prices offered by the suppliers.
In case user cancels or deletes the reservation, http://etel.travel/ the user will be charged extra 3% from the amount of his/her booking despite the refund amount can be lower (it depends on the cancellation policy of the exact booking)
For certain banks and credit cards, a fee is charged for international money transfers. When you pay for the booking with your credit card, the bank may convert the amount due into a corresponding currency and charge your card for such service. It means that the amount indicated in the bank statement may be in local currency. Thus, the amount therein indicated may vary from the amount indicated on the Portal upon booking. The issuing bank may deem the booking of an international flight as an international money transfer, that is why the Portal may redirect your payment to the supplier. The exchange rate and transfer fee are established solely by your bank on the day of transfer. Should you have any queries with regard to such fees or exchange rate, which were applied to your booking, please contact us directly.
Exchange rate is based on various open sources and may only be used as a recommendation. The exchange rate may be inaccurate and different from the real one. The exchange rate is updated on a daily basis. If you need a competently edited exchange rate information, we advise that you contact an expert in order to check whether the rate is accurate. We allow to use the exchange rate information only for personal use, and you are strictly forbidden to sell, distribute, or use the exchange rate information for the purpose of commercial activity.

The content of the Portal is the property of Artina LP. All rights reserved. We are not liable for the content of websites, which are under control of other parties. Other trademarks, products, and signs of companies mentioned on the Portal may be trademarks of a corresponding proprietor. If you become aware of a breach of the trademark provisions, please let us know.
If you are sure that according to your information, the material, which we publish, violates your copyright, you (or your representative) may inform us thereof in writing. In your letter, you must provide the following: Accurate description of the material under the protection of copyright, which was violated. Accurate description of materials, in which your author's rights are violated, as well as the data of how we placed such materials on the Portal and a link to such materials. Your contact details so that we are able to reply to your complaint; most preferably, your email address or telephone number. Confirmation of authenticity of information laid out in the letter, as well as, in the event of suspicion of wrong data provision, of claimant's right to act on behalf of the owner of the corresponding exclusive right, which was allegedly violated. Signature of a person, who is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the corresponding exclusive right, which was allegedly violated. Please send the messages, which are related to this site. We consider all messages and reply to those, which match the criteria therein above listed. We advise that you consult a lawyer before you write a message or reply. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you may be liable for damage, which we may incur, if you submit a copyright violation complaint with inaccurate information.
The use of the Portal is deemed unlawful in any jurisdiction, if not all conditions and provisions, which are listed in the present document or section, are complied with. You agree that the conclusion of this Agreement or use of the Portal does not imply a creation of joint venture, company, or any other industrial relations by you and the Portal. The fulfillment of the present Agreement is subject to the applicable laws and legal actions, and none of the provisions of the present Agreement limits our right to comply with the law enforcement and other legal provisions or requirements with relation to the use of the Portal or information, which we offer or receive for the purpose of use. You agree, under the applicable law, to submit a complaint about the use of the Portal within 1 (one) year after a reason for complain appears or after such complain comes into force. Otherwise, you waiver the right to file a complaint should the latter expire. Should any part of this Agreement become void or null, the rest of the Agreement's provisions shall remain effective. The present Agreement (as well as other provisions and conditions herein listed) is a comprehensive Agreement on the Portal between you and Artina LP ; all prior and current notifications and offers, electronic, oral, or written, between you and Artina LP, with relation to the Portal become null and void. The present paper Agreement and each electronic agreement are accepted for any court session and administrative proceeding under this Agreement and must include same conditions and abide thereby. This is also applicable to the documents and materials, which were issued and are stored on paper. All rights, which were not directly stated herein, are reserved too.

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